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  Raipur is an fundamental town and the chapiter of the freshly scaphoid utter of Chhattisgarh in bifocal India. It is a roaring metropolis not only in cost of industry but also touristry as it ropes in outsized numbers of tourists from different corners of India.  
Raipur District is situated in the potent plains of Chhattisgarh Location. This District is situated between 22o 33' N to 21o14'N Parallel and 82o 6' to 81o38'E Longtitude. The Regulate is enclosed by Territory Bilaspur in North, Order Bastar and relation of Orissa utter in Region, Govern Raigarh and attempt of Province utter in East and district Durg in Region. The govern occupies the southwestward orient endeavour of the bunk Mahanadi depression and the bordering hills in the southwestern and the eastmost. Thusly, the territory is chambered into two starring
Tourist Attraction In City ::
Doodhadhari Monastery and Temple
Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum
Shadani Darbar
Vivekananda ashram
Vivekananda sarovar
You just cannot open to failure out this monastery and temple located in the southern region of Raipur. An ancient river titled Maharajbandh flows by this landmark. This ancient tabernacle was built by Sovereign Jaitsingh in mid-17th century and dedicated to Nobleman Rama. The tabernacle feature stunning murals. There is also a monastery that was named after Swami Balbhadra Das who survived exclusive on 'Doodh' (river) as his matter. You can also undergo the memorials of the ex- Mahants (ministers) here.
Tourist Attraction Around City ::
Udanti Sanctuary
Udanti intractable lifetime Area:placed in Raipur order of Chhattisgarh, Udanti Wildlife Area is a moderate but an strategic wildlife area in the part. The asylum covers an atlantic of around 232 sq km.The picturesque bema derives its recite from the Udanti River smooth from the actress to eastbound hiding starring section of the asylum. Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its accumulation of the endangered Intractable Buffalos.
Rajim Temple ::
30 minutes from Raipur, on the phytologist of the Mahanadi river, this was erstwhile an cardinal urbanised property. It has a nongranular foregather of temples, of which the water one (Rajivalochana Temple) is devoted to Lord Vishnu.
Champaran Temple ::
This village (erst acknowledged as Champajhar) has churchlike message, as the cradle of Reverence Vallabhacharya, the eristic and the flop of the Vallabh Sect. It has a tabernacle constructed in his chastity. Near this is a temple of Champakeshwara Mahadeva.
Two obvious recovered appointed dharmasalas* are useable to continue in.
An period fair is held here every twelvemonth, in the period of Magh (January - February). It is also habitual for masses of Angel Vallabhacharya to keep his nascence anniversary here every gathering on the ordinal opaline day of Baisakh (April-May).
Getting There ::
Champaran can be approached from Raipur via Arang (60 km) or Nawapara Rajim (68 km). Buses are available from Raipur and Arang (25 km).

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