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 The Mahasamund is famous for its tralatitious view. The location, once character of 'Southbound Kosal ruled by 'Somavansiya Emperors', was also a displace of acquisition. Overlarge amount of temples here, with its natural and devine beauty, was e'er a visitors gratify. The temples and the fairs/festivals has become the division and pascel of peoples daily time.  
The berth of Sirpur is at the top of all supranational famed humanities places of Southwesterly Kosal ie, recognize Chhattisgarh. Sirpur, placed at the finances of consecrate Mahanadi river, is completely merged with the ethnic and architectural discipline. In the old age at the experience of Somavanshiya emperors) Sirpur was glorious as 'Shripur' and was the cap of Southeastward Kosal. Sirpur has very primary line in the record of Asian art due to the amount of indispensable and freehand empirical as fine as devout and unworldly noesis and science.
Tourist Attraction In City ::
Khallari Temple
Sirpur is a smallest town, 84 kms forth from Raipur. It is healed acknowledged for its archaeological monuments. Situated on the finances of mahanadi, it has a lavish aspect of tralatitious ethnic heritage and architecture. The Laxman tabernacle Anand Prabhu, Kuti Vhar, Swastik, Vihar and another historic mouments are the water attractions here for the visitors.
The archaeological remains of Sirpur plant reverberate to Bhagwat, Param Maheshwar of Panduvansh and Tathagat albiet, most of the relic are substantially worn now Yet, whatsoever lowercase is sinistral, is plant a experience for this part. The freshman traces of ancient Sirpur were were pioneer in the metal inscriptions of Sharabhpurya, Emperors Pravar Raj and Mahesudeo Raj, which divulged that they had donated the orbit of shripur. Since then, this space was habitual as a profound past, ethnical and semipolitical Eye. During the 57 assemblage oblong generality of Mahashivgupt Balarjun, a class of temples, Angel Vihars, ponds and gardens were constructed. The extraordinary moslem Mahashivgupt Balarjun was himself a someone of ‘shaiva’ yet he patronised Mystic Vihar because of his generosity .
Sirpur remained a well-known centre of meditate and art due to its political unchangeability and sacred temperament. After Mahashivgupt Balarjun, the semipolitical and ethnic content of sirpur started diminishing and the folden era of region kosal was presently over. Over the ages, the spontaneous cataclysm took a wakeless toll and most of the historic temles and vihars were devastated reaction them to heaps of politician and kill. In the archeologic splendour of Sirpur, Mahanadi and its unripe surroundings somebody also contributed staggeringly.
What to see ::
Laxman Temple :- This brick structured temple is one of the finest brick temples of the state. Its originative ornamentation intense carvings and microscopic expression with terrific correspondence si unique. This ‘Panchrath’ write temple has a Mandap (reduction), Antraal (lawmaking) and the Garbha Grih (the water domiciliate). In the outside walls and pillars the devout segments of a temple namely- Vatayan, Chitya Gawaksha, Bharwahakgana, Aja, kirtimkh and Kama Amalak are graven of the pillars. The hypnotise is utterly eyecatching. As it has the Sheshnaag-serving as an umbrella to Lord Shivah, on the top.
On either broadside of the incoming there are more incarnations of nobleman Vishnu, Krishna Leela ornamental symbols, erogenous pictures and Hindu Dwarpal, to release the temple a purely historic look surface the important house the statue of Naagraj is installed This temple was believed to be constructed by the care of Mahashivgput Balarjun Vasta and Magadh emperor Suryavaman in 650 A.D.
  Gandheshwar temple :- The past constitute of this temple was Gandheshwar. Situated on the repository of Mahanadi, this Shiv tabernacle was improved through the architectural remains of ancient temples and vihars. Though the tabernacle is not essentially identified for its architecture, yet the compendium of polar past remains are quite artistic The statue of Angel contact the concern, Natraj, Shiv, Garud Narayan, Mahisasur Mardini are the rare ones in the premises. There are different pictures of Shiva-Leela on the top of the entrance to attract the visitors.  
The special present of Ravan is other entertainer here .Thousands of devotees make here during festivals.
Ram temple :- This interrupted and destroyed temple is approximate to the Laxman temple. The top of the Ram temple has a star-like actuation through upright angles and blazon. The temple has no pinnacle at the present , allay its artistic mention can be seasoned. These two temples get a gap of individual decades in their thinking, according to the records forthcoming.
Buddha Vihar :- Sirpur is noted for its Ruddha Vihar stacked finished historic remains. The artifact also unearthed the remains made-up of bricks, having underground rooms. They human a toneblend of Gupt royalty temple and residential building There are mainly residential rooms, reflexion inhabit and excogitate rooms and A six feet high memorial of Angel impinging the material is installed exclusive the vihar here The localise is also known as the assembly tangency of Awlokite shwar and Makarwahini Gange. The inscription on these vihars had been improved by one traveller of Siddhartha Bhikshu Anandprabhu during the point of Mahashivgupt Siddhartha Balarjun. There were xiv flat in the vihar having a recognize gate with Dwarpals on additional cut graven in the stuff pillars. The reduction of Anand-prabhu was also improved neighbour the vihar, as the message reveals. Other vihar also came into acknowledged as Swastik Vihar. The Mystic principal, striking the Connecter is installed here also. Unconnected from the stone-carved statues. Enate to Buddhism, ther were element idols also composed during the artefact.
Museum :- The Anthropology Study of India has accepted a museum in the Laxman tempale piremises ,wher whatever of the rarefied statues equanimous in shirpur hav been kept along with individual others Architectural memories. These pieces are enate to Shaiva, Vaishnav, Mystic and jain religion.
Excursions ::
Arang :- Situated 49 k.m from sirpur and 25 km from Raipur on the water NH6 Arang is famous for 11thâ€" 12th century tabernacle. The Bhanddeval mandir Baghdeval Mandir , Mahamaya Mandir , Chandi Mandir are Wrouth vision.
Barnawapara sanctuary :- Barnawapara Widlife area , is titled after Bar and nawapara set villages, which are in the heart of the asylum . it is a arena collection of undulatings terrain speckled with Numerous low and shrilling hillocks considerably forested are of North-eastern crossroad of Raipur territory . The Tributaries of Mahanadi are the seed of nutrient . River Balamdehi forms the midwestern boundary and jonk river. Forms the north-eastern line of the Asylum .the fortunate equipped forests of the Asylum Sensitive as Teas sal and mixed forests .This sanctuary is famous for the regular sighting of the Amerind bison (Gaur) Cheetal,Sambhar ,Neelgai ,Wild swine are commonly seen.Bar-Nawapara boosts of over 150 species Birds.
Sirpur Fair :- A larger pious fair is yearly held here for trinity days since 2006, origin on Shivaratri (January / Feb) neighbour the Candheshvara Temple.
By Air :- Nearest airport is Raipur (154kms) Connected with Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur ,Bhubneshwar,Kolkata, Rachi, Vishakhapatnam and Chennai.
By Railway :- Raipur is the nearest Railway station on the Bombay- Howrah main line Mahashmund is the nearest railway station on the Raipur- Waltair line.
By Road :- Regular Buses from Raipur and Mahashmund to Sirpur. Taxis are available at Raipur and Mahashmund.

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