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  The Record of Kanker is started from Suffragist era. With publication of Ramayana and Mahabharatum there was a thick wood extent named Dandakaranya and the Kanker verbalize belonged to Dandakaranya. According to myths the Kanker was the domain of monks. A lot of Rishis (monks) titled Kank, Lomesh, Shringi, Angira were lived here. In sixth century before Savior the region was deliberate by Faith. The ancient account of Kanker tells that it remained always fissiparous posit.  
Kanker is fraught of micro hilly pockets.5 rivers run through it -Doodh,Mahanadi, Hatkul, Sindur and Turu.
Tourist Attraction ::
Charre-Marre Waterfall
Gadiya Mountain
Kanker Palace
Maa Sinhvasini Temple
Malanjhkudum Waterfalls
This place is real renowned for its stag residence including the tribal villages and the unsounded forests. The possession of the fort is with the honored stag house that belonged to the 12th century. The clan of Previous Maharajadhiraj Udai Pratap Deo resided here, since 2002. Now several subdivision of the residence is being converted into a hotel.
Malanjhkudum Waterfall ::
These 3 water, 10, 15 and 9 meters in summit, 15 km from Kanker, on the Doodh river, modify for a superior picnic marker. There is a route to the falls.
Charre-Marre Waterfall ::
A 16 measure sopranino, zig zag water on the Jogi river, 17 km from Antagarh, on the way to Aamabera.

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