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Janjgir Champa Temple

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  Adbhar Ashtbhuji ::  
This is an ancient temple of Goddess Devi with viii safekeeping. The Jyoti Kalash are lit here on Navaratri.
Chandrahasini Devi ::
Situated on the banks of the Mahanadi river, this is favorite as both a journey estimate as source as a tourer dirty. A big mela (fair) is unionized here every year on the eve of Navaratri.
Ghatadai (Paharia) Tripur Sundar Devi ::
This temple, sacred to Tripur Sundar Devi, is enclosed by forests and mountains.
Kharud Nagar Laxmaneshwar ::
The locals conceive this temple was shapely by and named after laxman, the younger brother of Lord Rama, the work dimension of the epic Ramayana.
Madanpurgarh Devi Mandir ::
This temple is also on the botanist of the Hasdeo river. The festivity of Navratri is known here every period.
Pithampur Shiv Mandir ::
Also celebrated as Kaleshwarnath Mandir, this is on the botanist of the river Hasdeo. A 10 day funfair is organised here during Mahashivratri. Every year, on Rang Panchami, Naga saints move in the instrument of the rite procession of Lord Shiva.
Shivarinarayan Laxminarayan ::
This 11 th century Vaishnava temple was built by the kings of the Hayhay royalty on the botanist of the Mahanadi river, at Shivarinarayan Nagar. It is believed that Shabri Ashram, mentioned in the epic Ramayana, was placed here. During Magha Purnima a blonde is organised here.
Turridham Shiva ::
A 3 day mela (blond) is configured at this temple every twelvemonth on Mahashivratri.
Vishnu Mandir ::
The kings of the Hayhay dynasty began construction of this temple, in 2 parts, in the 12 th century, but did not dead it, and the console partial temple can be seen neighboring Bhima Talab.

Location :- Home >> Janjgir >> Chattisgarh, India
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