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 Durg is a metropolis placed in Chhattisgarh tell, Medial India. It is set fitting eastern of the Seonath River (Shivnath River) and is location of the Durg-Bhilai citified installment. The municipality is an farming industry and is intemperately meshed in milling rice and pigeon peas. Durg gained standing as an industrialized move after the formation of a lifesize brace position at Bhilai. Industries permit monument employed and bell-metal excavation, oil pressing, mining, and weaving. It is the office of Durg District, the position maximal govern of Chattisgarh.  
Tourist Attraction In City ::
Ganga Maiya Temple
Uwasaggaharam Parshwa Teerth is a Religion enclose in Nagpura legitimate in 1995. The teerth is placed on the banks of the Sheonath River. The entree to the fulgurous sculpture temple of Shri Parshwanath is through a 30 feet revenue that has the lead of Parshwanath, nourished by quaternion pillars (representing the quaternity essentials of spiritual satisfaction, i.e., wisdom, reflexion, redemptive direct, penance), being worshiped by two elephant.
Ganga Maiya Temple ::
Located at Jhalmala, 58 km from Durg, there is an exciting tale almost the extraction of this temple: a fisher was fishing in the lake warm the hamlet when he pioneer an lead in his net. He kept putting it punt in the irrigate, it kept forthcoming gage into his net. Finally, he got fed up and hand it and went domestic. The synoptic nighttime, in a imaginativeness, a villager heard the Goddess saying "I am existence unheeded by the fisherman . decide me out and get me installed." Attractive this to be an enjoin, he visited the lake the succeeding greeting, retrieved the perfection and installed it in a hut hot the hamlet (and thus the epithet part in the period of the villagers, including organizing ethnic activities and examination camps.

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