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  Ahirauli ::  
Ahirauli, Buxar is a smaller village in the posit of Province which is placed at a interval(Length) of around 5 kilometers from the middle of the kosher town of Buxar. Here there is a tabernacle of Devi Ahalya.
As the legend goes Devi Ahalya was the wife of Rishi Gautam. According to the stories of the enthusiastic large Ramayana, Devi Ahalya by misapprehension erstwhile identified a organism in colour as her hubby(husband). This troubled Rishi Gautam so overmuch that he reversed Devi Ahalya into stones. The tabernacle of Ahirauli, Buxar in State reminds fill of the naivete of the Devi. The mineral Devi was after umteen eld rescued by the fluent Baronage(Lord) Ramachandra who saw her piece he was motion by. The take upturned to proper Devi Ahalya as soon as the Baronage(God, lord) coloured it.
Ahirauli, Buxar of State(bihar) is a localise of journey. People come here from far and sweeping to get rid of all their sins sworn whether knowingly or unknowingly. The group extant in and around Ahirauli, Buxar unwaveringly expect that the Noble(Lord) is ever with them to stronghold them far separate from all the curses and to protect them from all the adversities of history.
If you go to Ahirauli in State you can believe the deep worship and institution of the group towards the epic Ramayana and the love for their extraordinary inventor Rama. It is real impressive and can never be believed until and unless you go to Ahirauli, Buxar in State(bihar) that after the passageway of so more hundreds of years a somebody can relieve hold specified a commanding dismantle of popularity as Baronage(God, lord) Rama.
Hasanpura ::
Hasanpura in Bihar is the name of a community(village) which is set(placed) at a indifference(length) of around 21 kilometers to the southeastward of Siwan prevarication on the depository of Dhanai river. The residence is noted for its churchly and past importance but it is yet a residence of elemental model and scenic quantity.
From the distant field of Peninsula here came to India a venerate titled Makhdum Saiyed Hasan Chisti. He was so impressed with the grouping and civilization of Bharat that he prefab up his design to act aft in this state. It was him who supported the settlement of Hasanpura at State(bihar).
Makhdum Saiyed Hasan Chisti stayed here for long. He was real such salient towards the condition of establishment and feeling. He was also the father of the Khankah (churchly establishment) in the country of Hasanpura in Bihar.
Hasanpura in Province houses thousands of the remnants of the largest masjid as easily as the tomb of the zealous Venerate. If you go there they present cue you of the resplendent old. They oftentimes shine the lifestyle and the abundant cultural attribute of the fill in Hasanpura of Bihar. It is a celebrity film of the place that it is equally visited by the Muslims and the Hindus. This understandably indicates that there is direct communal order in Hasanpura of State.
There is a carve in Hasanpura of Province(buhar) which is actually a vast opened grounds fabrication on the occident of the hamlet(village). There is a basalt ikon of Nobleman(God, lord) Vishnu in deceiver.
Ramchura ::
Ramchura is a famous put located in the Vaishali conceal in State. The square(place) is one of the great sites in the Ramayana track of the verbalize of Bihar in Bharat(India). Ramchura in Bihar is especially favorite to the people in and around Bihar as not exclusive the set for journey but also for festivals.
It is said that Noble(God, lord) Rama was once going to the approximate called Janakpur. Patch he was on his way to Janakpur, he matte rattling worn and definite to cross a happening in this piazza. It is also said that the Peerage(lord) took a town in this expanse. Ramchura of State has thus prettify a situate of large grandness to the devotees of Peerage(Lord) Rama.
In Ramchura at Province(bihar) you can see the footprints of the Nobleman(God, lord) on stone. These are worshiped by the grouping with enthusiastic faith and interfaith belief. They believe that this give create them felicity and prosperity in experience.
Ramchura in Bihar is noted for its fairs and festivals especially those held on the reason of the Ram Navami. This prosperous function is renowned here with enthusiastic joy and cultism. It is the day when Lord Avatar(Ram) took his kinship. This day marks the arrival of Noble Vishnu to the connective and hence the end of all miseries low the sun.
The celebration at Ramchura is a uppercase pleasance to the tourists. In these days the settlement of Ramchura becomes awash with colors and festive decorations. Fill move their prayers to the Baronage. They accomplish the 'pujas' and exclusive then they decay their prestissimo by taking fruits or sweets. It is truly couturier impermanent(visit) Ramchura of Province(bihar).
Valmiki Nagar ::
Valmiki Nagar in Bihar is a microscopic community in the Westmost Champaran. It lies on the Indo Nepal boundary. The hamlet lies at a interval(length) of 42 kilometers from Bagaha.
Valmiki Nagar of Province(bihar) houses a Valmiki Ashram after the calumny(name) of Maharishi Valmiki who was the composer of the high Amerindian(Hindustani) large, the Ramayana. It is famed that he was at best a somebody who uninterrupted his experience on the things snatched departed from others when he was victimised to be titled Ratnakara. But ulterior he was repentant and decided to strike penalisation. He was then blessed and taught to make the spiritedness of the Lord.
A festival is held every year in Valmiki Nagar in Bihar during the abstraction of Makar Sankranti.
The river titled Gandak adds to the beauty of the Valmiki Nagar at Bihar. To accomplish the irrigation group statesman restored, the governing has collective a firing on the Gandak river.
Tar Ramayan ::
Lord Avatar(Ram), the creed of Lord Vishnu and the uppercase heron of the Religion large, Ramayana, is a rattling favourite illustration in the place called Tar, Bhojpur in Province(bihar). The spot is situated at a location which is nigh 10 kilometers to the northern comedienne of Piro.
The village of Tar, Bhojpur has been named after the demoness Tarka. The demoness has been portrayed in the epic as an extremely inhumane fibre who utilized to do alteration to the sages as healthy as to the virtuous familiar(common) fill(people).
  It is said that the location to which the Tar, Bhojpur of Bihar belongs used to be the soil for the rassling of the demoness Tarka. She was real beardown and no one could ever conceive of defeating her. Demoness Tarka used to move the interfaith rituals performed by the sages of those life(day).  
  All the people were agoraphobic of Tarka. They prayed to Nobleman(God, lord) Vishnu to rescue them from the hurt of the demoness. It was then that Baronage Avatar(Lord ram) had an encounter with the demoness Tarka and she could not move up with the monumental posture of the Baronage(lord). The demoness had to expel her parthian at the guardianship of the Lord.  
  The settlement of Tar, Bhojpur at State reminds group of the major discoverer Shri Avatar(Ram) and how he had found the lives of thousands. The frequent grouping in this extent firmly believes that the Lord is e'er recognize here and he present deliverance them in their tricky life. Perhaps this establishment and the popularity of the Ramayana as wellspring as Noble(God, lord) Rama has made Tar of Bhojpur a renowned area in Bharat(India).  
  Jain Circuit ::  
  Province(bihar) is also an especially sanctified goal for followers of the Religion establishment as the 12th Tirthankara Vasupujya and 24th Tirthankara Mahavira were both dropped there, in Champapur (Bhagalpur district) and Kundalpur (Vaishali regularise) respectively. The holiest place for Faith devotees is Pawapuri, where Mahavira is believed to jazz attained beatification. Not to be missed there is the magnificent achromatic ball Jal Mandir, which floats out on a lotus lake. A tabernacle atop Mandar Construction in Baunsi settlement (in Banka region) commemorates the colly where Vasupujya attained beatification. The see is breathtaking. Rajgir and Nalanda are also both places of message for Jains, and there are many temples in these districts. Mahavira, in part, spent fourteen period of his history at Rajgir and Nalanda.  
Sikh Circuit ::
Patna was the source of the 10th Guru of the Adherent establishment, Guru Gobind Singh. The famous gurudwara Takhat Shri Harimandirji Patna Sahib is settled there. It's regarded as one of the Cardinal Takhts (quint places of worship) that are of enthusiastic import for Sikhs, and it can be visited as concept of the Panj Takht Darshan.
There are figure statesman gurudwaras in the section of Patna Sahib, as compartment as a symbol of additional gurudwaras stray across Bihar.

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