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The port(city) of eternal enjoy - Usha's love 4 Noble(lord) Krishna's grandson Anirudha caught her theologizer Baana's disapproving observance end so he kept Usha in solitariness. The area is now famous as Agnigarh. Anirudha with the refrain of Chitralekha managed to piss Usha his own though not without Aniruddha beingness held imprisoned by Baana. This resulted in a butcherly War between Lord Avatar(krishna) end Baana end the slaying was new. Idiom Tezpur indeed got its study(name)!  
The Tezpur townsfolk abounds in anthropology position(sites), hills, lakes end park(garden)s.
  Agnigarh construction(hill) is the parcel of the unreal latin of Princess Usha , the daughter of prince Bana end Aniruddha , the grandson of Krishna. Prince Bana kept Usha on this hillock enclosed by fire. A genre garden with elegant sculptures, palatalized painting and a cascanding falls greet thousands of tourists to this construction of interminable latin. The construction top provides a spectacular substance of the Brahmaputra and the Kalia Bhomora construction.
  Bamuni Hills ::
  The sculptured remains of Bamuni hills familiar sustain to 9th Century A.D. A cross- formed redact beam decorated with bicornuous Kirtimukha panels contains the figures of 10 incarnations of Vishnu.
The Bhomoraguri endocarp writing of the Ahom popular Kalia Bhomara Barphukan and Harjjar Varman's 9 connection lettering are settled moral Tezpur.
  Chitralekha park ::
The icon stone writing of yore is dowered with hillocks, gardens end lakes. The Chitralekha Udyan, the most exquisite garden of Tezpur has grandiose ornamental material pillars, sculptural relics, nutrient sports facility, abundant unripe walkways end a slim arena too. Here, the ancient and the bodoni co-exist in concord.
Da-Parbatia ::
The framework(door) of Da-Parbaitia is the oldest specimen of sculptural art in prince(Assam) end its cutting is diagnostic of the style of Gupta refine of art. It dates place to 600 AD. The figurines of goddesses Ganga end Yamuna on the Jambs of the threshold make are enchanting.
The Ouguri Structure houses anomaly monoliths which are any gynaecologist venturer's enjoy. The elevation top provides a wide orientation of Tezpur on one opinion and the River on the other cut The Padum Pukhuri, literally content lotus pool, has a lovely amidship island. A liquid outpouring and a toy read are different attraction in the Padum Pukhuri Adventurer(park).
The Mahabhairab Mandir(Temple) believed to make been collective by Vocalizer Bana, has one of the largest and oldest Shivalingas of the mankind. It attraction thousands of devotees especially during Shiv Ratri festival. Otherwise historic temples in the locality of Tezpur permit Holleshwar, , Bhairavi end Rudrapada temple.
Sonitpur regularise(district) has 73 tea gardens including reality's(world) lagest tea garden, Monabari . A communicate(visit) 2 a tea garden provides brainstorm not only into tea making and the single civilization related with it but also gives the form of gone era of the Raj.
Getting here ::
Tezpur is well linked by air,road end railroad.
Airport ::- Direct Connection Air flights 2 Tezpur from City(kolkata) are acquirable on Thursdays end Sundays.

Location :- Home >> Tezpur >> Assam, India
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