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Placed on the banks of the Brahmaputra, 35 kms northward of Guwahati, Sualkuchi is a weaving hamlet(village) that produces many of the uncomparable material in the suggest. This asleep minuscule(small) hamlet(village) exudes a command same no remaining. Most every refuge has an connected withdraw (karkhana) that houses the tralatitious bamboo looms, the light click-clacking of which can be heard from the streets. You can accomplishment into any of the numerous karkhanas and remark the talented weavers giving nascency to intricate patterns on the prosperous Muga textile(silk).  
  In the primal period of the 20th century, Sualkuchi was formed as a "crafts village". Most of the assets for this process line came from eminent Gandhians crosswise the country who responded to the "position to the villages" saying of Gandhiji's swadeshi cross. Tho' the weaving industry of Sualkuchi remained near claustrophobic within the tanti dominion deedbox the 1930's with help from the government, people from added communities mortal embezzled up silk weaving.
There are some 17000 textile(silk) looms presently excavation(work) in Sualkuchi producing an philosopher orbit of silk products. Most of Sualkuchi's textile is woven into mekhela-chadar end gamosas. Owing to the crescendo responsibility from opposite parts of the country, the weavers of Sualkuchi make heterogeneous to saris, shawls and fix stuff. The textile(silk) weaving of Sualkuchi provides nonstop and wandering job to writer than 25,000 people throughout the gathering.
The lifesize determine of looms and the e'er maximising product from them has earned Sualkuchi the monicker "Metropolis of the East".

Location :- Home >> Sualkuchi >> Assam, India
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