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Surround 369 kms gone from Guwahati is Sivasagar. This was the furniture of Ahom quality for author than six 100 period(year) till the Nation take-over.  
In the before 13th Century, a attach of hardy hill men wandered into orient extremity of the River(brahmaputra), after crossing the Patkai Hills, led by possibleness rather than a pre-conceived intention and quite inattentive of the fact that they were destined to work the full vale under their process. These were the progenitors of the Ahoms.
  While any say that the Ahoms migrated from a position titled Mong Mit in the North Shan States of Burma, other history says that they migrated from Mong Mao Lung, the south-west Yunnan area of Prc(china). When the Ahom gray with their rank power, Siu-ka-pha crosstown the Patkai Hills in 1228 A.D and saw the fair valley of Asom, they knew for sure that this was the Prosperous Object for them. Chaulung Siukapha titled this piazza Chung-mung-dung-kham or 'The Comic of Halcyon Crops'.
They secure their firstly top at Charaidew of Sivasagar in 1253A.D. Thereafter, the great shifted to individual remaining places in Sivasagar; Charagua, Gargaon, Salaguri and finally Rongpur.
Ahom structure over the centuries has resulted in several of most defining edifices. The Talatal Ghar at Sivasagar is a heptad storied construction with four floors of level and iii floors above broken. And awesome simple fort 4 the Ahom Kings.
Ranghar remains Accumulation's maximal gallery end was the social playground of Ahom Swargadeos or Kings which was constructed in 1746 during the dominion of Clergyman Pramatta Singha. The royal magnate and his officers would sit in the auditorium and follow indigenous games suchlike grappling, birds' advertize, bovid fights and solon. There is a ravishing parkland nearby the ancient royal auditorium, which enhances the icon(picturesque) mounting.
14 kilometres east from Sivasagar townsfolk is the majestic heptad storied Karenghar. In 1540, the Ahom prince(Raja) Suklengmung or Gargoyan Patrician(king) shifted the metropolis of the province to Gargaon and it emerged as the lead assets of the Ahom Realm. It was basic constructed by Vocalizer Rudra Singha in 1699. The successors thereof prefab several alterations and additions to this residence. The creative toy was prefab of bricks.
The unconventional structure was made of bricks end stones. The recognize residence prefab of bricks end indigenous cement was constructed by prince(king) Rajeshwar Singha in 1752. The area is of vii stories; 4 above end three below the prospect. The construction was part fallen during the East Bharat Organization when they carried off priceless touchable to anatomy their offices and edifice.
The Sivasagar vessel was artificially shapely on 125 acres of excavated world(earth) with the Shiva Dol on its banks. Joysagar vessel(tank) is at the boundary of the Sivasagar Townspeople. Rival Rudra Singha dug up the Joysagar Tank end constructed a tabernacle(mandir) complex at Jerenga end ulterior named it as Joysagar. The Joysagar Containerful is the largest man-made cell comprising an atlantic(place) of 318 acres of field including its 4 tanks.
The Ahoms kings had kept changing their smalls from case to case and Charaideo, virtually 30 kms off from Sivasagar, was the low assets of the Ahom Area constituted by prince(king) Siu-Ka-Pha. This is also the venerated interment surface of the Ahom kings and borough. The maidams or funeral places are small hillocks and expose the superior ability of sculptors and the fine comprise of architecture. These are hemispherical mounds ordinarily embowered by an polygon support into which the Ahoms desirable to residence the bodies of the departed ancestry Ahom Power, Siu-Ka-pha has been laid to quietus, along with his attendants, pets and valuables. This practise was later illegal by Vocaliser Rudra Singha. Charaideo, also believed to be the ancient gauge of the Ahom Gods, still now exclusive bears a few remnants of the Deosal and Langkuri, any of the ancient Ahom Temples.
Sivasagar is dotted with mandir(temples) end monuments of seductive architectural wonders. And then o1 can also name in the nooks and crannies structures which hit borne the brunt of reading but is ease slack tallish. One such plaything is the Namdang tie, between Gaurisagar and Joysagar and over the Namdang River. Sculptured out of a undivided fabric of substantial pitching, this linkup was constructed during the reign of Challenger Rudra Singha in 1 703A.D and is 60 meters in length, 6.5 meters in dimension with individual images engraved on it. Chiliad of vehicles moil over it every day, without causing any hurt to it so far. An awful architectural ingeniousness!  
  Ajanpir Dargah ::
  20kms departed from Sivasagar is Saraguri, where lies the Dargah or Spot of the 17th Century Mohammedan Venerate, Ajanpir. This dargah was improved during the rule of Queen(king) Godadhar Singha. It was at Saraguri that the reverence, Azanpeer, with his 120 disciples propagated the Islamic tenets by composing the Zikir, a prince(king) of devotional song characterised by the acceptation of Indian elements into his pious faith. These are regarded as extraordinary contributions to Assamese literature.
This potpourri of the old end the latest gives Sivasagar an personality of its own making it the cynosure of all eyes.

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