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Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park

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Rajiv Statesman Orang Domestic Common(pak) is extended over 78.81sq kms end is the oldest spirited jock of the Land retributory on the northern give of river Brahmaputra. It is an primary fostering ground for galore search varieties.  
Mammals recovered here are Rhinoceros, Cat(tigar), Maljuria Elephants (somebody elephants in foregather), Hog Ruminant, Savage Pig, Viverrine Cat, Porcupine end Gangetic Dolphin.
  222 species of Birds jazz so far been recorded, some of which are Sight Billed Pelican, Somebody Pelican, Greater Officer Stork, Lesser Stork Stork, Brahminy Duck, Pintail Duck, Bengal Florican(2nd.highest concentration) etc.
  How to get :::
  The closest Airdrome Salonibari (Tezpur) is 80 kms. nd the LGBI Guwahati airField is 150 kms. The General Gear(park) is placed 18 km. southeastward of the N.H. 52 at Dhansirighat end the langth 2 Mangaldai is 70 kms. end Guwahati is 150 km.
Communication Someone ::- DFO,Mangaldoi Wildlife Dissension,
Superfine period for trip ::- Nov 2 April.

Location :- Home >> Mangaldoi >> Assam, India
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