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Hajo, 32 kms westward of Guwahati, in Kamrup region(district), is an historic journeying for Hindus, Buddhists end Muslims like. Hajo is home 2 ancient nd nonmodern temples end mosques and is seen by a section of Buddhists as the send where the Siddhartha attained parinirvana.  
Hayagriva Madhab Mandir(Temple) on Manikuta Construction is perhaps the oldest tabernacle(mandir) in Hajo. Believed 2 have been originally improved by Pala rulers in 6th century AD, the apportion artifact was erected by the Bacteriologist competition Raghudeva Narayan in 1583 after it was totaled by an invasive service. Prefabricated of jurist, it home the icon of Hayagriva Madhab, worshipped by indian(Hindus) as an incarnation of Vishnu.
  The garbhagriha of the mandir(temple) enshrines the Pancha Madhab, or the 5 forms of Vishnu. The somebody of the water deity, Hayagriva Madhab is at the midpoint end is flanked by Jagannatha end Garuda to the modify end Radha Govinda nd Basudeva to the sect.
Both scholars attribute a Buddhist extraction to the tabernacle(mandir) supported on the row of caparisoned elephants sculptured along the plinth. These, they say, are reminiscent of the cranelike figures at the Religion caves of Ellora in Maharashtra. Some Buddhists are of the instrument that the temple was the site of the Buddha's parinirvana.
Other structure contiguous to the main tabernacle is called Doul Griha. It is said to have been collective by the Ahom prince Pramata Singha in 1750 AD. The celebration Doul, similar 2 the colourful fete of Holi, is noted here on a noble withdraw every twelvemonth(year).
The staircase leads from the foot of the elevation(hill) 2 a gatepath that opens to the tabernacle(mandir) complax. At the organ of this designer steps is a biggish pond inhabited by 1 of Hajo's oldest residents- colossus turtle. All surround of the tabernacle(mandir) are numerous silty sculptures. Most of these sculptures stance evidence to the sculptured finesse attained by the artisans of Assam.
Though Hayagriva Madhab is the most hot(famous), Hajo has a sort of separate temples dating support to the 18th century. Ganesa Temple, collective on a colossus, elephant-shaped displace is also titled Deva Bhavana end is traditionally the converging judge of all the deities of the realm(region).
Kedareshwar Tabernacle(mandir) is placed on Madanachala Hill, 2 km from Ganesh mandir(Temple). The shivalinga in the mandir(temple) is said 2 be svayambhu or naturally botuliform end is e'er kept clothed with a large metal vessel. Numerous references.

Location :- Home >> Hajo >> Assam, India
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