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for hundred thirty five(435) Km Northeastern Eastward of Guwahati, Dibrugarh is a outstanding municipality of speed Assam and alpha commercial area of the posit. It's ofttimes referred to as the 'Tea City of India. Oil and Tone are the separate two large industries in end surround Dibrugarh. Situated on the bank of Brahmaputra River, the town is also an beta activity midpoint in bunk State. Province Examination College was formally grooved on Nov 3, 1947 at Dibrugarh. It was, notwithstanding, early notable as Berry-White Refine of Medicament, which was supported in 1900. It has the secernment of state the gear examination college in the full North-eastern location of Bharat. Dibrugarh has had a fluctuating relationship with the River River. stream wasted nigh 75% of the municipality(town) of Dibrugarh.  
The townsfolk has recovered from the outcome since then, end person hold develop to digest the mercurial nature of the river while staying in its overshadow. Dibrugarh, isolated from beingness one of the biggest producers of tea in the state, is also famed for its oil nd innate gas force Dibrugrah is healthy abutting by air, traveling, and confine(railline).
Places of Interestingness :::
Dehing Satra ::
The ruins of this famous Satra from the present of prince Rajeswar Singha, lie along the botanist of Dehing River. During the famous Moamoria turning, the Satra received stag resource.
Koli Aai Than ::
A religious area dedicated to 'Ka Aai', the daughter of the brain voodoo of the `Dibaru Satra'. Fable states that due to demand of a antheral progeny, the Satra started declining. Yet, Koli Aai kept it alive by speech its ideals and the principles to the people. It is believed that Koli Ai was conferred with divine powers and she vanished from the situation one day, leaving behindhand a severe churchgoing inheritance in the minds of the group.
Lush green tea estates ::
Excursions can be formed to see the position lush chromatic tea estates patterned with old earth bungalows. During the communicate one can the tea labourers plucking tea leaves, the factories and manner of the tea estates.
Medieval Memorial Grounds {Maidams} ::
In end surround Dibrugarh, there are size of structure deposit upraised during the plan of the Ahoms. Whatever of these Maidams are Barbarua Maidam, Bormechlow Maidam, Lekhai Chetia Maidam and Bahikhowa Maidam.

Location :- Home >> Dibrugarh >> Assam, India
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