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Barak Valley

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The Barak vale forms the south break of Assam comprising of 3 districts. The Barak River originates in the State hills and flows westsite 2 enter Assam in Cachar regularize. Cachar: The district was generated in 1830 after incorporation of Kachari Sphere by Land. Silchar is the office of the Cachar region of Province(assam) end is the position maximal municipality of the express. Nestled on the banks of the Barak River, the townplace has an number formation of nearly 72 feet and is renowned for its scenic beauty and spontaneous splendor. The municipality is surrounded by Manipur on the easternmost, Bangladesh on the comedienne(west), Mizoram on the southern end the Barail hills on the septentrion. Due to its picturesque emplacement, the part is rightly coined as the Island of Quietude and is the large gateway to the neighboring space of Manipur and Mizoram. Iength from Guwahati 342 Kms.  
  The Kachakanti temple (mandir): Placed at a langth of 17 Km. from Silchar stands the storical & most popular Mandir of southwesterly Province(assam) the Mandir of mother Goddess "Kachakanti". She is said 2 be consolidation of 2 almighty Hindoo divinity, i.e. Mother DURGA & mather KALI. The originative tabernacle was improved in the twelvemonth 1806 AD by the then Kachari prince(king). Frail sacrifices were offered to the Goddess soil 1818 AD. The Old temple yet is ruined now, and is replaced by new temple.
Places of Interestingness :::
Adi kali Mandir {temple} ::
The partner of Kachari mogul Krishna Chandra, Induprava Devi constructed this temple(mandir) in 1707. This is the oldest kali mandir in barak valley.
Badarpur fort ::
The Badarpur assemble situated on the bank of Bark River is an heavy storical space of Barak valley. The Foregather is some 16 kms pathway from Badarpur Railway station.
Badarpur ::
It N.F. Raillines' one of the Biggest station.
Bhubenes war temple (Bhubanhill) ::
It is the most celebrated tabernacle of Lord Shiv in the intact' Southbound Province(assam). The Bhubeneswar mandir(temple) is situated at a langth of about 50 Km. from Silchar and settled on the top of a nasal hill. This is a space of journey end during the festivity of Shivaratri, grand of Shivaits walking towards the tip of worship Noble Week. This tabernacle by its geographical location attracts a lot of hikers as there are no causative roads to push the summit. One has to elevate at lowest 17Km. from the plants to the temple.
Hailakandi ::
The order(district) townspeople of Hailakandi is 55 km from Silchar. The district is sandwiched between Silchar end karimganj. On the Southwest and southward eastern sides it is featheredged by Mizoram.
Karimganj ::
The order(district) headoffice townplace of Karimganj is about 55 km from Silchar. The townplace is on the
Gray container of the Kushiara River that demarcates the Indo¬Bangladesh boundaryline.
Khaspur ::
20 Km. from Silchar stands the break of a great small of storical priord end grandness.The main attractive are the Lion Gate, the, Sun Gate and ripe old kings' mandir(temple). The ruin of the majuscule is of large grandness and a temporary spot for tourists. The creation castle is in a propose of non-existence, but its subsidiaries, the water hypnotise gross, the `Suryadwar"Debalaya' are soothe there uncastrated. The entrances are of elephant-patterns.
Pirbadi ::
A dargah of Muslim reverence is visited by a oversized number of devotees. It is 35 Kms departed from Hilakandi on Gharmuda roadworthy.
Siddheswar Mandir{Temple} ::
1 1/2 Kms from panchagramnear badarpur, this Mandir(temple) is placed on the depository of Dhuleswari river.
Salganga ::
About 22 kms departed from Silchar on the way to Kumbhirgram airfield a Vishnu tabernacle at salganga is added holidaymaker attractiveness.

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