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  The space of the district is roughly 2085 sq. km. bordered by Tibet in the Northern, Bhutan in the South-West and Sela ranges asunder Westbound Kameng region(district) in the Eastern.The call TAWANG derives from many bearings on environment(arrounding). But group's(person) interpretation is that the reputation TAWANG was surrendered by Mera Lama in the 17th century.  
One can gain Tawang from separate parts of the country via Guwahati and Tezpur in State(assam). From Guwahati(Province) or Tezpur(Assam), one has to go to Bhalukpong in Westmost Kameng regularize of Arunachal Pradesh and from there via Bomdila and Sela Concession one can go toTawang by agency(road).
The inhabitants of the districts are all of Monpa tribes eliminate Shyo village which is dominated by fill of Tibetian rootage. The Monpas belong to Mongoloid have. They are fit improved, blonde in complexion. Their houses are stacked with stones and timbers. Usda and Horselike Husbandry are the fundamental agency of the Monpas getting.
Tawang Monastery is one of the most important element in Ethnic(social) and Interfaith animation of the Monpas. This Monastery is proverbial as "GALDEN NAMGYEL LHATSE". It is one of the most biggest Lamaseries of Mahayana clique in Collection. Lamseries comprise of individual sections ranging neighboring most quartet centred age, devoted to Compassion, Acquisition and Pureness of time.
It is Asia's ordinal biggest monastery and India's maximal which controls 17 Gompas in the part. The highlights of this monastery are the stately three-storied gathering room and the 28 ft postgraduate gilded memorial of Nobleman Saint. There is also a big assemblage which has an grand compendium of ancient books and manuscripts. The famous Buddhistic gold inscribed scriptures Kangyur and Tangyur are dehydrated here.
This protected interlocking covers an extent of 135 sq. meters enclosed by a lobed(compound) paries of 610 time abundant(long). Within the composite there are 65 residential improved and 10 else structures. The assemblage someone invaluable old scriptures mainly Kanjur and Tanjur listing 850 bundles. It is dated affirm to 17th century A.D.
There are two star interfaith festivals of the Monpas viz "LOSAR" and "TORGYA". Both festivals are famous formerly annually. The LOSAR s celebrated to the offset of New twelvemonth. Every tertiary assemblage of Torgya, the fete of Dungyur is glorious. Both "Dungyur and Torgya" festivals are illustrious at the premises of the Tawang Monastery with traditional levity and joyousness.
There are picturesque lakes around Tawang. One is Pankang Teng Tso (P.T. Tso ) lake. It is a attractive heaven for traveller exclusive 17 KM forth from maddening foregather of township. It is a bonny innate place and ply traveller a lucky seek for colourful manduction with nature. Another eye transmittable lakes are Sangetser lake , Banggachang lake.
Bhalukpong ::
Situated at 213 metres above sea story, Bhalukpong is the content amount to Arunachal and is 56 kms from Tezpur. The point is famous for archeological ruins of Challenger Bhaluka who was the granddaddy of Saint Bana of Mahabharatam honour and an ancient mortal of the location. A past defense of 10th-12th Century AD is situated in the foothills of the realm and one can see the libber relic of the meet. Several arch remains of Vocalist Bahluk's character and his grandson Bana are maintained here.
The Kameng River flows finished Bhalukpong providing rich reach for project tourism. It is also a scenic holiday espy.
Tipi ::
It is 5 kms from Bhalukpong and is famous for its cypripedium museum where one can see virtually 450 species of orchids. Several of these are extraordinary and endangered.
Sessa ::
It is 24 kms from Tipi on the way to Bomdila. There is a unaffected cypripedium sanctuary distributed over 10 sq km. Solon than 2600 orchids representing 80 species somebody been cultivated in innate surroundings.
Bomdila ::
It is 109 km from Bhalukpong and is the office of Western Kameng Regularize. The send is settled by tribes similar Aka (Hrusso), Miji (Sajalong), Monpa, Sherdukpen, and Bogun (Khawas). The craftiness centers, monasteries, anthropology museum and emporium etc. are designer impermanent. One can also follow different writer clad elevation peaks from Bomdila including the Kangto and Gorichen Peaks which are the maximal vizor of the land.
Dirang ::
Dirang is 42 kms from Bomdila. The localise is famous for hot element(water) springs where fill use cleanse to aid injure ailments. spaces worth visiting here are the apple and vine orchards, General Yak Investigate and Elegance Center at Nigmadung, Sheep Elegance Farm and the Sangti Vale where Siberian illegal turtlenecked storks visit during season.
Sela Pass ::
It is 45 kms from Dirang on the way to Tawang. Sela Reach is the world's second highest motorable succeed at an altitude of 14000 ft. The peaceful crystal downcast irrigate rude lake and the surrounding genre is really fabulous to the eyes and senses.
Nurannang ::
It is 12 kms from Sela Permission and is famous for frosty installation downfall and rainbow trout seek hatchery where one can go sportfishing in the chilly vocalizer(water).
Jaswant Garh ::
Placed at a size(langth) of 4 kms from Nuranang, Jaswant Garh is a structure erected in the module of Veer Jaswant Singh of the 4th Garhwal Rifles and a receiver of Mahavir Chakra (Posthumous) who uncomparable obstructed the Asiatic Gray for 72 hours during the 1962 enmity.
Generalized Information :::
Good timing visit :- During the time, Nov to Feb.
Clothing :- Warm clothing throughout the year.
Languages :- Hindi, English.
What to see :- 400 age old famous Buddhist.
For details communication :::
District Tourism Officer Bomdila
Ph No- +91 - 3782 - 222049,
District Tourism Officer Tawang
Ph No- +91 - 3794 - 222359,
How to Movement :::
By Air (plane) :- Tezpur(State).
By Railway(Separate) :- Rangapara(Province).
By Road(Traveling) :- By bus from Tezpur(Province) or Bomdila(Bus withstand).

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