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  Pasighat-Jengging-Yingkiong-Tuting ::  
Pasighat which is 270 kms from Itanagar is the office of East Siang region and the oldest administrative confection of sometime NEFA. It is situated on the botanist of the Siang River, the principal branch of River(brahmaputra). The snowclad peaks, bouldery mountains and a variety of accumulation and fauna offer nature lovers large possibility to explore spontaneous wonders.
Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary ::
This shelter is 13 km from Pasighat and is spread over a gather of river islands. One can hit here by cruising the Siang River. The unequalled ecosystem of this bema has made it a elemental environs for divers species of birds including unsettled birds same cranes, excited ducks, storks, waterfowls, etc, which arrive from Siberia and Mongolia from September to Feb every twelvemonth. The shelter is a typical gratify to unprofessional and professed ornithologists.
The forest islands are place to hog deer, hispid game, intense bovid, Sambars, elephants and new forest statement and micro fauna.
Siang River ::
Siang river, which originates from Thibet and forms the important flow of the mighty Brahmaputra is a socio-cultural poetry with a unparalleled embodiment of its own. Some rapids on the Siang river get been a blossom attracter for River rafting and h2o sports. The hard campaign begins at Tuting in Speed Siang. The river runs through the gorges of Nigguing and Marmon, both, with their interior set disguise, reaching up to the heavens. It negotiates the best big product segregated food in an extent, which is oftentimes rated as one of the most backwoods in the world-just feat to the jump-off tip takes a move of quaternary life by boat and motorcar. The self-contained 180-km run from Tuting to Pasighat includes a 10-mile tense of monumental rapids with defamation specified as Moing Madness, Zebra Pitch and Rhythmic Palìsi. But there are calmer moments on the river where one can vindicatory exalted and you'll be fit to dine out for months on the tales you position bet interior. Teemingness of flush semiaquatic story has attracted anglers again and again.
Mouling National Park (Jengging) ::
This parkland which is 195 km from Pasighat is situated in Berth Siang regularize and covers an country of 483 sq. kms. Here one can see several rare wildlife such as Takins, Serow, Goral, Cloudy Cat, Fateful gestate, Leopard, Red Procyonid, etc. During winter, macro enumerate of migratory birds can be spotted in this arena.
River Siang in this region is at the summit of raw and scenic exemplar. Meandering finished the powerful Chain, it provides resplendent landscapes and spontaneous model.
Kekar Monying(Black Rock) ::
Is in the Eastern Siang Dominion. It is one of the historic(improtent) places of the land where memorials human been erected of Adis who fought with the Brits at this tract on 4th December 1911 and died a courageous change. A stone cliff stands 50metres falsetto with roughly 500metres in size.
Komsing ::
This is the localise where the Country had erected an epitaph/memorial architect of Sir N. Willamson who was killed by Narmi Manmur Jamoh. There is also a endless and advanced debarment connect constructed by the British.
Yingkiong ::
Located at a length of 180 km from Pasighat, it is the office of Stimulant Siang dominion and is situated amidst gorgeous(wonderfull) genre and undyed beauty.
Dehang ::
  This hold covers a construct of Jengging, Tuting, Gelling and Singa in Upper Siang dominion and Mippi and Anini in Dibang Depression(valley) order(district). It covers an space of 5111.5 sq km with altitudinal change from 500 to 16000 ft elevation that leads to author clad peaks and glacial lakes. The taciturnity accommodates figure types of forests namely- sub-tropical undogmatic leaved, sub-tropical pine, abstemious spacious leafy, mild conifer, sub-alpine scrubs, alpine pastures, bamboo general and grasslands. It is one of the identified bio-diversity hot spots in the region.  
The Gelling-Tuting-Singa triangle constitutes the 'Pemako Zone' of the Tibetan var. of Religion with undersize hamlets of the lamas amidst tranquil earthy environs. The Gompas and Religion shrines make golden Saint statues, old scrolls and otherwise tralatitious artifacts of the Himalayish alter of Religion.
For details communication ::
DTO Pasighat
Ph - +91 - 368 - 2223315,
Tourist Assemblage Officer Yingkiong
Ph - +91 - 3777 - 222084,

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