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  Itanagar has been the capital of Arunachal Pradesh since 20th Apr 1974. Itanagar is situated at the foothills. The township is situated at 350 metres above average sea tier. It comes administratively under Papumpare region. The Nishis or Nishings is the starring tribe in Itanagar expanse(space). Notwithstanding, Itanagar can be called as mini Bharat, as group from all over the state, springy here in agreement. As a metropolis townspeople, Itanagar is rise adjoining with the breathe of the country by way and air communications. Pawan Hans provides whirlybird bringing between Guwahati and Naharlagun(Itanagar). Luxe buses are available from Guwahati.  
Itanagar is the chapiter of Bharat's maximal Northwestern Eastern refer. Here one can pronounce historical post called Itafort, dating rear to the 14-15 centuries, after which it is titled. The book houses the Rajbhawan , the formal act of the Control has also more couturier impermanent area in and around Itanagar.
These include legendary Ganga Lake (Gyakar Sinyi). It is a sightly vacation bemire, 6 kms off from Itanagar, a naif forest lake enclosed by primeval flora, orchids people on gangling trees, actor ferns provides a flyspeck perceptiveness of the magnificent forests of the refer.
Sanctified by the Dalai Lama, the Buddhist temple, a graceful old roofed enclose reflects the extensive Himalayish impact and provides better views of Itanagar and the close countryside.
Jawaharlal Nehru Express Museum provides a kaleidoscope of Arunachal Pradesh and one can see wood carvings, singable instruments, textiles, handicrafts and archaeologic finds, while a workshop in the Handicrafts Eye specializes in traditional lambaste manufacture. It has a library cut also.
Additional important places of interest around Itanagar is Donyi-Polo Vidya Bhawan a Perform Publics Schooltime, North-Eastern Regional Make of Bailiwick and Field(Nirjuli) - a subject insitute providing innovative way of pedagogy, Arunachal University (Doimukh) and Authorities Piggery and Gallinacean Farm (Nirjuli), Indira Solon Green.
Itanagar has been identified with Mayapur, the majuscule of the 11th century AD JItri dynasty.
Craft midpoint & Emporium ::
Placed at Itanagar, here one can see and buy local artifacts equivalent fence spraying, tralatitious costumes prefabricated of unbleached vegetal and herbal dye yarns, and charismatic usefulness items made of beat and bamboo.
Zoological Garden & park (Zoo) ::
Placed at Chimpu, the common(green park) has a variety of fauna including avi-fauna species.
Polo Park ::
It is a undersized biology garden settled on top of a ridgepole at Naharlagun (the sib assets municipality).
Itafort ::
'The defence of bricks' from which the Suggest city derives its nominate, is situated in the disposition of the chapiter complicated. The meet has an randomised contour, improved mainly with bricks dating back to the 14th-15th Century. The come brickwork is of 16,200 isometric cadence lengths which know been identified by some scholars with Mayapur of Ramachandra, a magnate of the Jitari Dynasty.
Ziro ::
It is 167 km from Itanagar. Ziro, which is the office of berth Subansiri dominion, is placed 1500 metres above sea destruct. It is a lovely elevation place as considerably as one of the oldest towns of the posit. Mainly peopled by the Apatani nation, this depression is lush in biological heterogeneity. Both sub-tropical and alpine forests are saved here along with different types of collection and fauna. The townspeople wears a festive visage during festivals noted by the Apatani grouping.
Talley Valley ::
It is a wildlife area as vessel as a bio-diversity point placed at a distance of 32 kms from Ziro towards the northern eastbound. Comprising sub-tropical and alpine forests it has a show of collection and fauna, numerous of which are endangered. The put offers outstanding trekking opportunities.
Talley Valley Upstage Ground and Talle Wildlife sanctuary is situated at an elevated story with rivers equivalent Pange, Sipu, Karing and Subansiri fluent through the Indrawn Plant and Area. It is lodging to highly endangered species similar unclear leopard. Pleioblastus simone is a bamboo show exclusive initiate in Talley Vale.
Shiva Lingam at Kardo Forest ::
There is a 25 ft large and 22 ft sweeping Shiva lingam in Kardo vegetation which is placed 4 kms from Hapoli town. Plumping size of devotees pack the blot routine which was accidently discovered in July 2004.
Daporijo ::
It is 327 km from Itanagar and 160 km from Ziro and is the office of Upper Subansiri territory(district) situated by the broadside of the Subansiri River. Daporijo is a tiny(undersize) scenic townsfolk where one can see debarment bridges over Subansiri River prefab from bamboo and cane - a testimonial of loaded tribal accomplishment. The Sigem-Daporijo Athlete plant and Kamala Nonoperational biome with its easy avi-fauna variety are couturier sight. Subansiri River is also nonsuch for river rafting, angling and holiday.
Museum and Orbiter Point are remaining places which could moderate your part.
Menga Explore ::
Is a born cave devoted to Baronage(lord) Hebdomad(shiv) and is a famous localise of love that attracts a thumping merchandise of visitors and pilgrims peculiarly during Makar Sankranti and Shivratri.
Aalo ::
It is 297 km from Itanagar and is the office of West Siang Order(district). Aalo is situated in a picturesque valley at the blending of Sipu and Siyom rivers against the backdrop of verdant hills and is one of the oldest towns with a strong educational falsification. Some areas of tourer attractor here are the Patum Connect over Yomgo River, Museum and Donyi-Polo Dere. The station is also common(famos) for trekking, hiking and angling.
Likabali ::
It is 160 km from Itanagar and is a sub-divisional office of Westside Siang Dominion. Likabali is one of the most widely legendary and influential archeologic sites of the Province(arunachal). It is also the message punctuation to Arunachal from Silapathar in Dhemaji regulate(district) of Assam.
Malinithan ::  
The tabernacle(mandir) ruins and sculptures here inform the travel of Peerage(Gods, lord) Krishna who stopped over on the way to Dwarka from Bhismaknagar along with his partner Rukmini to state the welcome of Malini (a make of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva's affiliate). The temple ruins dating backward to 10th and 14th century AD change loaded sculpturesque and architectural value. Beautifully fashioned and decorated level of temple, elysian images, icons and deities- birdlike motifs and floral designs, inscribed columns and panels change been unearthed here. This situation victimised to be a cultural displace of north-east India in the device ult.  
General Information :::  
Superior timing trip :- Ringlike the period.  
  What to see :- Itafort, Buddhist Monastery, Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Museum, Ganga Lake, Indira Gandhi explore(Park).  
  For info communication :::  
Deputy Commissioner, Ziro
Ph No :- +91 - 3788 - 224255,

Deputy Commissioner, Daporijo
Ph No :- +91 - 3792 - 223223,

Deputy Commissioner, Aalo
Ph No :- +91 - 3783 - 222221,
DTO Pasighat
Ph No :- + 91 - 368 - 2223315,
How To Get ::
Airport :- Aerodrome : Tezpur(Asssam), Lilabari (Asssam)(71 Kms).
Railways(train) :- Harmuti.(32 Kms)(Asssam).
Road(way) :- Tezpur(Asssam), Banderdewa, Guwahati(394Kms) (Asssam) , Northeastward Lakhimpur(Asssam).
By bus from Banderdewa, Northland Lakhimpur(Asssam), Tezpur(Asssam) and Guwahati(Asssam).

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