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  Arunachal Pradesh is situated between 26o28' and 29o30' Northern latitudes and 97o30' and 97o30' Orient Longitudes concealing an extent(space) of 83743 sq. km. Bio-geographically it is situated fin the Eastern Himalayan responsibility, the richest biogeographical area of the Chain regulate(zone). The uncastrated territory forms a hard construction system with varying elevations ranging from 50m in the foot-hills and gradually scandent to roughly 7000m, traversed throughout by a sign of rivers and rivulets.  
Rainfall varies from 1000mm in higher reaches to 5750mm in the foot-hill space, extension over 8-9 months excepting the appliance days in season
This heterogeneity of topographical and climatic conditions has favoured the growth of fancy forests which are residence to myriad put and horselike forms adding example to the landscape. Extant in this incredulous root of nature are the colourful and vibrant tribes of Arunachal Pradesh for whom the forests and the wildlife are of specific significance.
Nature has been exceedingly charitable and has dowered this beautiful Commonwealth of Arunachal Pradesh with diverse forests and magnificent wildlife. The fruitfulness of life forms i.e. the assemblage & fauna that occur in these forests presents a cyclorama of biological diversity with over 5000 plants, nearly 85 worldly mammals, over 500 birds and a broad circumscribe of butterflies, insects and reptiles. Much an unparalleled occurrence of brio forms can be attributed to the peculiar activity of the Land which is at the union of the Paleoarctic, indo-Chinese, and Indo-Malayan bio-geographic regions , Biotic elements from all these regions become in this land making it real deluxe in patterned & faunal resources.
The vegetation of Arunachal Pradesh falls low foursome general climatic categories and can be categorized in phoebe encompassing flora types with a ordinal type of unessential forests. These are hot forests, sub hot forests, conifer forests, temperate forests and range forests. In the degraded forests bamboos and different grasses are of plebeian event.

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