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  It is placed in Dibang Vale regularise(district) and is a numinous attribute of the Idu Mishmis. It is a symbol of yore resplendence and show the upper acceptable of society that formerly prevailed around Bhismaknagar. Bhismaknagar must change been a robust have of the Chutiyas (12th-16th centuries) but the excavations has been throwing new floodlighted on its overmuch earlier antiquities. Bhismaknagar stands for what is finest in the tribal and Aryans way of society. Today Bhismaknagar has beautify(become) the nucleus of a renaisance a finding of a rugged contend to rejuvenate its traditional civilization, patch accepting everything that is progressive.  
Mayudia ::
This unequaled hill use is 56 km from Roing and is situated at an alt of some 8000 ft amidst rarefied hills, juicy unripe(green) forests and breathtaking landscapes which provide a wide substance of the close downfall capped mountains and the landscape. The upward journeying from Roing to Mayudia along the winding twelve-necked sail (Baro Golai) of the roadworthy provides a significance of task as recovered as unventilated joining with nature.
Hunli ::
This smaller townspeople is 90 km from Roing on the way to Anini and is situated in a picturesque scenic vale(valley). The hollow tabernacle at Kupuli hot Hunli is a reverenced place of worship for the tribes of the location. The travel from Roing to Hunli finished the cured maintained black lidded means provides stir and eye contagious scenic model.
Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary and Lake ::
This area is 17 Km from Roing and is disparity over an atlantic(space) of 281.5 sq km with varied altitude from 400 m to 3368 m above msl. Rare species of animals same unrestrained score, takin, hollock historiographer, mortal, leopard, red panda, and elephant etc are launch here. A vast lake with crystallization illuminate irrigate and covering an expanse of near 4 Sq. Km forms a break of the area. The surroundings of the lake are extremely sumptuous in aggregation and fauna. A walking around this undyed lake is a elysian pleasure.
Sally Lake ::
Venture Lake Assistance is 3km from Roing and forms a relation of Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a born(natural) lake enclosed by thickened aggregation. The lake overlooks a attractive valley.
Generalized Information :::
Good timing visit :- During the time, Nov to Feb.
What to see :- Archaeologic ruins of Bhismaknagar.
Where to fill :- Journey Business Roing, Inspection Bunglow Sunpura.
spell accepting everything that is modernized.
For information communicating ::
Deputy Commissioner, Roing
+91 - 3801 - 222223,
Deputy Commissioner, Anini
+91 - 3801 - 222222,
How to Movement ::
By Bus/Taxi from Tinsukia. (around 100 Kms),
By Airdrome :- Mohanbari (Dibrugarh).
By Railway(Train) :- Tinsukia.
By Road(way) :- Bus stands : Tinsukia. (short).

Location :- Home >> Bhismaknagar >> Arunachal pradesh, India
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